23 Jun 16

June 22, 2016

27 Mar 16

Column: City shows disdain for rural neighbours

by Candice Vetter

The rezoning of Boundary Rd. just north of Russell Township near Hwy. 417 was a telling topic at the City of Ottawa’s …


31 Dec 14

Welcome, Candice

Here it is, a brand new year on the horizon, and I am very pleased to be writing this editorial for Etcetera Publications as the …


11 Sep 14

Speeding to the bank with fine revenues?

In the news recently, we’ve heard a story about an initiative to reduce the minimum speed limit to 40 km/h.  As a cabinet minister, Yasir …


14 Aug 14

No status quo in Kemptville

Change is difficult, particularly if you truly believe it will have a negative outcome. But change also provides opportunities for improvement. Take, for example, our …


06 Aug 14

Pitching in for Homecraft

When Fair time rolls around you see faces that you may not have seen for a good part of a year, including those who are …


14 May 14


It is A Pittance of Time, at least that is what Terry Kelly, singer/songwriter named his song  in 2003, just a  mere two years after …


23 Apr 14

Costly health care

Health Care: two words that inspire fear in most people.  But it is quite simply a necessity to our lives in Canada, despite how its …


19 Mar 14

The cost of higher education

The University of Guelph is shutting down its satellite campuses in Alfred and Kemptville.  The institution claims that this decision was based on the declining …


05 Mar 14

Sometimes stuff happens

No one has a perfect record.  Everyone has some misdeed or mistake in the past.  That’s how people learn.  Good faith was the rule for …


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